Van Halen Tour 2015

Van Halen’s Tokyo Live In Concert Tour 2015

Recent television appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Degenerous Show have caused Van Halen fans of all ages to Jump (might as well). The 2015 North American tour that supports their recently released album, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, will erupt July 5, 2015 in Washington, finalizing October 2, 2015 in California.

This album, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert, recorded in Tokyo (June 2013) is packed with 23 timeless tracks encompassing all 7 of the albums that feature original front man, David Lee Roth.

For fans of Van Halen, this is not the only release causing a buzz. To add to the excitement, the March 2015 release of the album also marked the release date for remastered versions of the iconic albums Van Halen and 1984. There is more to come this season when Diver Down, Women and Children First, Van Halen II, and Fair Warning hit the shelves as remastered works of art.

The band was formed in 1974 and included Eddie Van Halen(guitar) Alex Van Halen (drums), Michael Anthony (Bass), and lead singer David Lee Roth. Van Halen, their self titled debut album was released in 1978 forcing the rock and roll scene to stop and take notice. With hits such as “Running with the Devil”, “You Really Got Me”, and “Ain’t Talk’n ‘bout Love”, the album hit the charts hard.

The follow up, titled 1984 was another unbelievable success overlapping Van Halen’s fame on rock charts to pop charts with the unforgettable tracks “Jump”, “I’ll Wait”, “Panama”, and “Hot for Teacher”.

Unlike other rock bands that broke out in the 1980’s, their success did not falter as “hair bands” around the globe came to a slow tortuous death. Van Halen has produced decades of album, after successful album. For this reason, the band is honored with a loyal fan base that ranges from teenagers to baby boomers. In 2007, the members of Van Halen received the highest recognition available in the music industry, a well deserved induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Diamond Dave is clearly back in action

If recent television performances are any indication, his performance will be as spectacular and show stealing as ever. Although Van Halen fans are often divided into “David Lee Roth Van Halen” fans and “Sammy Hagar Van Halen” fans, all can agree that the strength of the band behind the voice is unwavering.

As a musician, Eddie Van Halen has a fan base all to himself. 24 year old Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertoneili, stands well on his own two feet as the band’s bassist, having replaced original bassist Michael Anthony in 2006.

Drummer Alex Van Halen is well known in the world of rock and roll for his masterful, motorcycle intro to “Hot for Teacher”. David Lee Roth, the original charismatic front man, has a solo career to be proud of.

Sammy Hagar, who replaced Roth, was already well noted in rock when he held the position of Van Halen’s lead singer. Each band member contributes a unique talent. Together, they form an untouchable rock band producing music that consistently stands the test of time.

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