The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is Exactly What Its Name Suggests – Spectacular!

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a musical holiday stage show that takes place on a yearly basis, and that is schedule to run during November and December each year. This show is presented at the Radio City Music Hall in NYC – the Radio City Music Hall was opened in 1932, and what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that this is the largest indoor theater in the entire world, this is why it is commonly referred yo as the “Showplace of the Nation”.

With more than 140 talented and skilled performers, shiny costumes and a great musical store, the show lasts for one hour and a half and it features everything one could possibly wish to see in a high-rank musical, from singing, dancing and comedy. Perhaps the main attraction of the show is the dance troupe called The Rockettes, which is a women-only precision dance band. The show has become a tradition not only for the residence of New York, but also for the tourists as it is regarded as a Christmas tradition that attracts over a million visitors each year! Don’t miss out get discounted Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets today.

A Closer Look At The Program

The show has a very intricate story and every part of it has its own song (Sleigh Ride, Santa Flied To New York, The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers, New York At Christmas and The Nutcracker are only some of the most popular songs). That being said, the story starts in a beautiful forest filled with show, where the Rockettes are working hard to hook up the sleigh of Santa Claus. After hours of “hard flying”, Santa finally arrives to the Radio City Music Hall. At the same time, the show also focuses on the story of a little girl named Clara, who always dreamed about having her own toy to play with.

The story scenes are set in different parts of New York and Manhattan, where the Rockettes “steal the spotlight” and board on a double decker bus and go on a tour of the entire city. The Rockettes visit some of the most notable parts of the city, such as the Central Park and the Times Square, and they eventually reach a local mall where they meet another one of Santa’s children and give her a doll. The story is filled with joyful scenes and colorful designs and decor, and Santa is always on the run, making sure that all the children are getting the toys and gifts they have been dreaming of the entire year.

The second part of the story is focused on the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, as illustrated through Inn, Mary and Joseph who are lodged at a common stable in the village. This is one of the most moving and remarkable scenes of the show and it tells the story exactly how it was told from generation to generation, including the visit of the Angel or the three wise men who were led by the star to the newborn child.