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Can Pop Bad Boy Justin Bieber Handle Another World Tour in 2017?

Only a handful of pop stars can elicit a reaction like Justin Bieber can. Sometimes, there seems to be no in between. People either love him with a rabid intensity or they can’t stand the 22-yr old singer and would rather he be touring nowhere near their city – preferably Mars.

Yet, despite this Marmite relationship with the general public, Bieber continues to sell out huge stadium venues with little effort. He throws out hit singles like it is totally natural and he has now worked with some of the most legendary musicians around. So, regardless of what the media (and your mom) thinks about him, he’s a massively successful artist.

Then again, the decision to head out on a very long 2017 world tour is a bit of a strange one. He’s only just finished a series of international concerts and the young singer has been looking a little exhausted. Just a few weeks ago, he was in the news after punching a fan in the face.

His shows in the UK were marred with controversy too. On multiple occasions, he got very angry with the crowd and chastised them for screaming too loud. He even stormed offstage after fans got overexcited and screamed through one of his onstage speeches.

So, there’s every chance that the 2017 Purpose world tour will bring more of the same. The Canadian star has just announced a date for the Dubai Autism Rocks Arena, on May 6th. It is clearly going to be a long and grueling tour. Already, anticipation for the show has reached fever pitch and many fans are demanding that Bieber adds a second Dubai date.

His tour promoter has laid down the law, however, and made it clear that there will be one show, no matter how fast tickets sell. There was mention, in promo materials for the upcoming gig, that the singer was bringing a ‘new attitude’ to Dubai. This is likely a reference to the fact that his last visit did not go smoothly.

Bieber turned up to both stadium shows more than two hours late. Young fans were left in tears and parents were baying for blood. The Canadian tearaway also managed to leave Dubai with six speeding fines. It certainly wasn’t a model trip and it looks like Bieber has plans to make up for past mistakes with a visually spectacular concert.

The hope is that the singer, who is still awfully young, can handle another long stint on the road. There have been questions about his commitment to the music and the fans. Some critics have suggested that he take time off, pursue personal projects, and move away from stadiums of rabidly screaming Beliebers if it doesn’t make him happy anymore.

He wouldn’t be the first formerly squeaky clean popstar to make a break with his past. He wouldn’t the only young singer to feel uncomfortable with his fame. Just look at music icons like Kanye West, Prince, Axl Rose, and Morrissey. They’re not always happy to be famous and they’ve all struggled with notoriety in the past.

Let’s just hope that Bieber learns from the mistakes of his elders. Music fans have surprisingly sharp teeth and they’re not afraid to turn on a former love.

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