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Do you want to buy Eric Clapton tickets? Eric Clapton is a rock and blues guitarist, songwriter and singer from England. He’s also a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three-time inductee. That means he’s a hugely popular figure in the music industry.

Getting tickets to his concerts can sometimes be a challenge. That means you need to have strategies on how to get them. This guide gives you 6 ways to get Eric Clapton tickets.

They are:

Credit Card Companies

• One of the best ways to get Eric Clapton tickets is by checking deals from credit card companies, for example, Citi and American Express. They purchase some concert tickets before they are available to the public.
• You may be asking why? The reason is that they sponsor some of these events. They then give them as incentives to consumers who purchase premium cards, such as credit cards.

Fans Club

• Another way of getting Eric Clapton tickets is by joining his fans club. That’s because, like any other musician, he has his hardcore fans. That means these fans can purchase tickets easily.
• Keep in mind that to join this club; you have to pay annual fees. The catch is you have to be long term fan, for example, attend most of his concerts.

Buy Tickets from His Managers

• You may think that these is amusing, it’s not. Many managers and artists use this tactic.
• That’s because they know that some people buy tickets at discounted prices and hold them. They then sell them at the last minute, at almost 5 times their original expenditure.

Get Them Through Friend and Relatives

• Another way of getting Eric Clapton tickets is by using friends or relatives. That’s because many famous musicians reserve a good number of free tickets for the press, family and friends.
• You should keep in mind that guest tickets are not similar to VIP ones. That’s because VIP tickets include some packages, for example, a chance to greet Eric Clapton.

Purchase Them Online

• Another way to get Eric Clapton tickets is by purchasing them through online means. That’s because some online websites get contracted to sell these tickets.

Buy Then At Venues

• Another way that you can get Eric Clapton tickets is by purchasing them in the concert venues. The downside of buying them at venues is that they may run out before you get one.

What to Do
• Ensure you check your budget estimates. That ensures you get tickets that satisfy your needs. Remember that they get classified into ordinary, guest, VIP, and guest tickets.
• You should also check the safety of your belongings. The reason is that not all concert fans come with good intentions. That means you should also not indulge too much.
• Check your schedule. That ensures you arrive on time for Eric Clapton performances.

Purchasing or getting Eric Clapton tickets should be easy using the above guide. Remember to check your budget estimates and schedule for the best experiences.

Eric Clapton’s Official Website: http://www.ericclapton.com/
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/ericclapton