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Las Vegas Has Never Been Better; Celine Dion Was Just The Right Spice With Her Worldwide Tour!
The name Celine surely does ring a bell, and what comes to mind is this beautiful songstress who has a god given vocal cord that makes music which in turn leaves everyone speechless. The singer and well known actress clearly has a permanent mark on the entertainment industry making her one of the most well paid with a fat net worth.


Celine Dion who was born Celine Marie Claudette Dion is a forty seven year old star but who could have guessed she is this while she still has a body like a twenty year old. Celine Dion is known for her music since she releases hit after hit and they eventually end up topping the charts. The forty seven year old is a French Canadian who first worked as a French singer and eventually ventured into writing and singing in English after studying English for two years. The singer started her singing career at a tender age and was first signed at the age of twelve. She has been active from the year 1980-present. In the mid of her career she had taken a break from her career in 2000-2002 due to personal reasons.

Celine is known to be a jack of all trades and has been successful in all genres she has thought of venturing into. The genres most known are; pop, dance pop, soft rock, pop rock, adult contemporary RnB which she kills in each and every one of them. The singer is also known for her strengths in instrumentals whereby her main strength is vocals and she can also play the piano.

Enough of the history which you probably know, let’s keep up to date on what is going on in the life o this beauty. Did you know that she had a three year contract due to her pop music after making a grand entrance from her break in 2000-2002? The vocal star later extended the contract whereby she had gained residency in Las Vegas Nevada. The pop star had the contract to perform at a five star theatre. The theatrical show was at the colosseum at the Caesars palace, paradise Nevada.

The performances at the theatre have led to a rise in the net worth since the tickets are usually sold out of most of the time. The five time Grammy award winner has made life more interesting in Vegas in addition to how Vegas manage to keep life on the first lane. She won a Grammy award for the album of the year that is ‘falling in to you’ which was widely accepted by numerous fans and critics. Her ‘let’s talk about love’ album also became a major success and was then certified as a diamond in the US. Celine also makes music in her mother language, that is, French which she has released hit after hit making her one of the best selling artists in French music.

Celine worldwide tour 2017

This is the most exciting part about this article because you get the chance to plan early on when to take your vacation or weekend off and you then get to attend the tour concerts. Isn’t this the time you have been waiting for to hear the voice of an angel sing first hand and you also happen to watch this sexy beauty do her magic on stage? Well, wait no more because this is the day to fulfil all your dreams in your wish list.

The elegant songstress is performing her world tour in Nevada, Las Vegas at the Caesars place. This has to be the best news to those planning to take a vacation or visit Las Vegas because your time there just got interesting as it could ever get. Visiting the most fun city and then attending a concert by the queen of pop your life could never get more interesting! The singer will be performing and promoting tracks from her latest album ‘CELINE’, which by the sound of things has one of the best music of all time!

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Tour dates

The concert shows are set to continue 2017. It is time you logged in and start choosing the date that is best suited for you to go listen to this magnificent singer and watch her as she graces the stage majestically. There is no reason or excuse you can have whatsoever to not attend at least one of her shows given the shows begin during mid summer and goes up to Christmas and new year’s eve.

Celine Dion’s Official website: http://www.celinedion.com/ca/home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celinedion