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The 24K Magic tour is set to celebrate the Mars’s new album, 24K Magic, which arrived worldwide just the other day and is already selling like hotcake. The US international musician and Grenade singer is a renowned artist the world over, especially from his prowess in on stage performance, which moves crowds. Now, the star is back again with another global tour coming up next year for the launch of his new album, his first full-length since 2013 massive world tour that sold well two million tickets globally.

With the highly anticipated world tour at hand, here are few tips you can use to get yourself a ticket and secure a space to see your most favored singer.

Where to get Bruno Mars tickets

With many people on the rush to snatch tickets for the major tour, there are several places where you can buy tickets. If you missed jumping into the pre-sale released on November 18 to pre-order your 24K Magic album and get an early access code to purchase a ticket from Mars’s website, not to worry. Not all those who took part in the pre-sale got the tickets either, since making the pre-ordering was not a guarantee to get the tickets, only that you stand a chance of getting an early purchase. However, the general sale tickets have been out since Monday, November 21.

How do I buy tickets?

If you are contemplating on getting a fair deal on getting tickets, especially if you are buying many them, it is important to do research to be sure you get the places with the best prices. Then also check to ensure you check the seating charts carefully to buy tickets for the best seating position that will give you the best view of the concert. If you select seats that are on the floor, it is possible that people occupying seats in rows that are in front of you will block you if you are the short type, since floor sections are flat. Getting the off the floor seats will offer you a better deal, where you can get a full view of the whole event.

What matters in buying the tickets?

You have to consider several issues very carefully when purchasing your tickets. Only consider buying your ticket(s) through authorized, to avoid falling prey to fraudsters. It is also important noting that your barcode is unique to only you. You should not share it with anyone, especially online, since someone may use it to sell your ticket to somebody else in your oblivion. The Bruno Mars tickets limit in most cases is 6 per person, and it is also noting that anyone under 14 must be in the company of an adult, and should not be on the standing floor.

As the mega concert draws near, getting yourself ready to celebrate your favorite singer is all you can do to make the best out of this tour. There is no better way to get the action live than buying your ticket early enough and select a position that best fits your preference. If you have not yet bought your ticket, it is about time you made a decision and get one.

Bruno Mars’s Official Website: http://www.brunomars.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/brunomars